Social Media Advertising

What is "Social Media"? Recently, the internet and online media have experienced a trend toward online social communities. Platforms and websites like Facebook, YouTube, and many others have all flourished with various user-generated content. The term used to describe these types of social-driven websites and their services is "social media". Social media advertising things can increase traffic to your website or landing pages, with an increased chance for leads. Allow you to run multiple targeted campaigns simultaneously to connect with your audience on different platforms, increasing your reach. Reach your audience through an organic content strategy, using the data to form a paid advertising campaign.
The most popular social media channels for advertising are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family and friends online. Facebook has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users. We can micro-target your Facebook ads by age, gender, industry, location, and interests, so you can position yourself exactly where you need to be seen. If you are ready to kickstart your business, Facebook ads are the way to do it.


Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter. Did you know you can target every Twitter user who follows specific accounts with your Twitter ads?


Instagram is the king of social media with 4,21% engagement rate. According to Instagram, users shared an average of 95 million photos and videos per day. Instagram hit over 700 million daily active users. Instagram’s ads allow you to create a custom audience such as Location, Gender, Age, Languages, Work status, Education, Interests, and Behaviours


LinkedIn Advertising is great for B2B (Business 2 Business) marketing. LinkedIn has highly specific targeting options including job title, employer, role, skills, and interests.

Social Media Advertising is the process of attracting your fans using paid reach on social media platforms. We can advertise on your behalf on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.