Domain Registration

Domain name registration is necessary for a website, an email. Getting a domain name involves registering the name you want with an organisation called ICANN through a domain name registrar. The price for a domain name registration varies greatly on its extension. For example, the most common .com is the most affordable one, while some country-specific domain name extensions are 5 times more expensive. You will have to pay a registration fee that costs around S$20 to S$220 for that name. That will give you the right to the name for a year, and you will have to renew it annually for (usually) the same amount per annum.
If you want to register a domain name, Think of a few good domain names that you'd like to use. You can use a word or phrase as a domain name. If the domain is for a company, you might want to put your company name in the domain, this makes it easier for your customers to find you on the Internet.
After you have chosen a domain name, You will need to submit the following information to the registrar:

  • the desired domain name
  • The name and contact information (including email address, physical address and contact phone number) for the domain's registrant, administrative and billing contacts.

Ready to register?

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